Within the Darkness: Chapter 4

Wallkery awoke in a little old rundown wooden cottage. The young lady, who looked to be in her late 20s, who had found her was a healer that traveled from week to week between different villages. She went by Maradith, though no one knew if that was her true name. She was a slender old woman no older than 25 years of age. That may not seem old but to the 19-year old that Wallkery was, that seemed ancient.

Surprise rushed over Wallkery as she woke up. For a while she just lay staring at the rough roof of the hut; it was almost like looking at the forest canopy itself. Staring at the roof she let the memories wash over her as a stream runs over a rock.

Finally becoming too restless for her thoughts and she turned over on her side to just get a change of scenery. The pain was immense like scraping your skin on a stone pathway. After the pain subsided Wallkrey saw her. Maradith was sat with her back to Wallkery, working over a pot of something that smelled like pumpkin hazelnut soup. When Wallkery saw her she instantly realized that except a covering and a diaper that Maradith must have placed on her Wallkery was completely naked.

A blush rose to full fury upon Wallkery’s cheeks hot enough to light a fire. What was when Maradith finally spoke, not even bothering to looking up from the fire she said, “Your pants and shirt are on the edge of the bed, you can put them on you will feel better.” Wallkery not wanting to seem imprudent tried to sit up but found that she could only just barely prop herself up on the pillows better before laying back in pain mixed with exhaustion.

“How did you know that I was awake?” Wallkery asked after she was just about exhausted from trying to get up.

“Your breathing changed when you woke up, and as you turned over you let out a gasp. I have heard it many times from wounded men.” Maradith said finally turning to face Wallkery.

“I didn’t gasp!” Wallkery stated in surprise, a small smile playing on the edge of her frown, trying once again to reach the rest of the clothes on the edge of the bed. Maradith looked her in the eyes and gave her a look that clearly said ‘do not try getting up again until I say so’

“So you knew the instant I was awake?” Wallkery asked resigning herself to being bedridden, letting a smile form on her face. “Or was that just something that you tell all of your sick patients.”

“I knew, though it was a bit different as your breathing is softer then the men” Maradith replied. The men were always fighting and getting hurt and coming to her at the last minute. The only wounds the women got were broken legs or the occasional cold.

Wallkery sat in silence for a bit before finally asking the question she had been trying to avoid asking, “How did I get here?”

Sighing Maradith replayed “I was hoping that you would wait longer before asking that.”

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