Within the Darkness: chapter 3

My village burned and I could do nothing. As luck would have it, I did not wake to the war cry. As the army approached from the other side. I woke when I sensed something was wrong, the forest had changed, so I grabbed my bow. The last time I had felt this was when a bear was trying to attack my cottage. As I rushed out of my house, I found my village on fire.

I raced down to the village, I may hate them but they were all I knew and I wanted to keep them. I reached the edge of the village and started in. I kept to the shadows fearing what may be around each corner. Finding a fallen sword, I flung my bow over my shoulder and chose close combat. As I approached the market at the front of the village. I stabbed a man through the neck as he had his back to me.

Peering around a corner I watched my grandfather lose his head, tears streamed down my face as I stood in shock standing in the shadows near the circle. I could not tear my eyes away as I watched what they did to my mother. I watched knowing that if I tried to do anything I too would be either killed or captured, but at the same time feeling the need to do something. I watched them place chains on my Twin sister, Tina. She didn’t struggle, but at the same time, she didn’t show an ounce of defeat. She was always the brave one, I was the coward who couldn’t let go of a stupid dream.

As the soldiers were gathering the girls, one decided to try and get easy treatment by telling the soldiers about me — only to find herself knocked out by my sister. I was free from these men and but my sister was not. The last thing I saw was a building collapsing on top of me, and the world turned pitch black.


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Franklyn Forrest

I try to weekly post short stories, and ideas weekly. I love to hear your opinions and feedback.