Within the Darkness: chapter 10

Franklyn Forrest
2 min readDec 8, 2019


So let me stop right here, I do live through this predicament. So, ya back to the story.

Ok so I am still here odd, anyway.

I awoke with my hands tied and surrounded by utter darkness. on the ground I saw Maradith laying still. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I noticed two things. The first was that Maradith was breathing and the second was that there were two men sitting with their backs to the door slouched over asleep.

Testing my muscles, I noticed that I was able to move significantly more since I last woke up. The pain in my abdomen was still severe but manageable. Looking around the room I noticed my things were still piled on the chair by my bed. Slowly I moved one leg and then another off the bed cringing in pain as I did so.

For the longest time, I sat with my legs off the bed, breathing as hard as I dared. After I caught my breath I attempted to stand. however with my hands tied it took me a minute to get up and even then it was more slouched than standing. I made my way slowly over to my things, grabbing a leg wrap I pulled it tightly around my stomach. Instantly I was able to think more clearly, reaching for the sword I had taken from the massacre, as I held it in my hand I nearly fell with the flood of memories that it brought.

I let out a gasp as I saw my grandfather lose his head. I looked on in agony as I watched what they did to my mother again. I saw the heads of my father and brothers on spikes, and all the while I was helpless again.

I have started my flashback with a light rustling. Quickly I cut myself free and moved to see if Maradith was alright. Setting the sward by my leg I knelt and inspected her head. She had a nasty cut on her forehead that was bandaged in a clumsy fashion, and a large bruise on the side of her face.

As I was looking her over I sensed I was not alone. Stiffening I slowly reached for my sward where I had set it. I waited patiently with one hand covering Maradith, and the other barely touching the hilt of the sward.

Finally I heard someone say, “Well look who decided to wake up.”



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